Lets get started for 2017!

Happy 2017! Time to get a head start on achieving your New Years resolutions. Tired of not achieving your fitness goals? Well NovaFit is ready to offer the support, training and knowledge you need to set yourself up for success this year!   It’s become a cliche for people to set weight loss goals for the… Read more »

FREE First Session – Get in quick!

Hey NovaFit crew This is a quick reminder that the first session is free when you train with NovaFit. So if you have any friends or family in need of a push in the right direction, please let them know! Top Reasons to Train With NovaFit Safety – Unsure about how to perform a particular exercise,… Read more »

Why Glutes are Important

Glutes get neglected a lot. Often we forget that this area of our body actually serves a purpose beyond being something to sit on. Throughout my career i’ve dealt with countless individuals who have developed quads, hamstrings, and calves – yet possess sub-par glute development! If this could potentially be you or someone you know,… Read more »

Regular Exercise versus the Obesity Pandemic

Hey NovaFit crew! If you’re not a fan of exercise, but curious if it can benefit your health – Scientists in America have shown that regular exercise is the closest thing to a ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to combating the obesity pandemic as well as the high level of cardiovascular disease we face in… Read more »

Fitness Blogger Proves Weight Just a Number

Hey NovaFit crew I’ve been harping on for years now how the scales mean nothing when it comes to how you should feel about yourself. Body composition is far more telling then your “weight”. This article I came across on stuff.co.nz demonstrates this perfectly. Please have a read through and get inspired! Click here to… Read more »

Physical Activity: Fight Brain Fog!

Feeling the winter blues lately? perhaps a bit of brain fog? Well maybe it’s time to get active. Exercise can promote benefits to the brain in mammals. This recent study on mice who keep active highlights the importance of us getting off our butts and moving! Check out the link below https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/06/160602083254.htm

The Protein Myth That Could Be Costing You Thousands

Across the world, millions of average gym goers buy into the hype of consuming exceptionally high protein intakes. Resulting in them purchasing a stockpile of supplements. The supplement industry is absolutely booming, taking in billions of dollars annually across the globe as millions of young men spend their hard earned money on a vast array… Read more »

Band Pull Aparts: Encourage Healthy Shoulders

Muscle balance in the shoulders is imperative to optimal performance when it comes to resistance training (and life!). Band pull aparts are a personal favourite of mine, so definitely give this a watch guys Check out this video for some really helpful tips  

Are You Tracking Your Way To Success?

Hey NovaFit Crew!   I get a few questions about muscle building from people interested in bodybuilding/strength sports.   When it comes to improving strength and building muscle, the simple addition of a notebook and a pencil (believe it or not!) can be one of the most powerful tools you can add to your workout… Read more »

The risks of cowboy trainers

  Hey NovaFit Crew! Quick heads up. I’m encountering a number of people who have unfortunately been injured by unqualified personal trainers. Although these individuals are now in safe hands, sometimes the damage caused by these unregistered, unqualified cowboys can be quite long term (or potentially permanent!) NZ currently requires no standards for anyone to… Read more »

  • Get on that foam roller!!

    Hey NovaFit crew! Friday has rolled around and we have a stunning weekend to look forward to.   This is a quick reminder to keep on top of your soft tissue work (foam rolling).   A number of you guys suffer from overactive segments of muscle, caused by trigger points. Don’t skimp out on any… Read more »

  • Wednesday (hump day) here we are!

    Wednesday (hump day) here we are! With a sunny day ahead of us, let’s all aim to make the most of it, and get active outside. While high intensity drills, and resistance training most definitely have a place of importance in your training regime, if you’re looking to optimize your physical appearance and fitness levels,… Read more »

  • Key variables to resistance training

    Hey NovaFit crew! I hope your week is going well and you’re keeping up with your exercise! Just a quick update about some of the key variables that can be progressed when it comes to resistance training, beyond simply upping the weight. Over time with training you will progressively become stronger, and may require heavier… Read more »

  • Is your body functional?

    Is your body functional? Today i’m seeing a trend of trainees focusing on superficial muscles, without taking the time to develop and train the many areas of the body that will encourage good posture and functional muscle firing patterns. How many times have you hit the gym to see the typical “curl monkeys” hogging the… Read more »

  • Struggles to keep motivated

    Hey NovaFit crew, I hope you’re all doing well with your diet and exercise goals this week. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to not “feel” it sometimes. Having dealt with everyone from bodybuilders to athletes over the years, i can say with certainty that everyone (even the people you wouldn’t expect to) struggles… Read more »

  • Recipe: Protein balls are a nice treat

    Thanks to my friend Alex for sending through this recipe. For those of you doing body sculpting/body building, these protein balls are a nice treat which will fit your macros more than typical options! 1 cup coconut flour 3 scoops protein powder (I used BSN syntha-6 choc milkshake) 1 tbsp linseeds 1 tbps sunflower seeds… Read more »

  • Paying more attention to the glycemic index

    If you are looking to get rid of that spare tyre sitting around your waistline or perhaps get into that old pair of jeans which unfortunately no longer fit, then paying more attention to the glycemic index of your dietary choices could be very useful for you. Although the overall calories and macronutrient ratios you… Read more »

  • How do I get bigger arms

    Hey everyone, I received a question recently which I thought i’d tackle as a post so you all can benefit from the answer. The question was “How do I get bigger arms, I’ve been working my biceps hard but am struggling to make them grow?” Growing the arms can be more complex than it seems…. Read more »

  • What should I eat before I workout

    One question I get asked quite frequently is “What should I eat before I workout” Well with that in mind, let me go over some handy advice to help optimize your sessions with me. Pre-Workout Nutrition If you are wanting to have the energy to give it your all during your session, it’s time to… Read more »

  • Just because you workout, doesn’t mean you know squat!

    Just because you workout, doesn’t mean you know squat! Yes, pun intended. But check out this young chap performing a squat with textbook technique. The squat is one of the first basic, primal movements which we learn as infants. But ironically one of the first movements which we lose the ability to perform through life… Read more »