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I get a few questions about muscle building from people interested in bodybuilding/strength sports.


When it comes to improving strength and building muscle, the simple addition of a notebook and a pencil (believe it or not!) can be one of the most powerful tools you can add to your workout sessions.


Far too often I see gym goers stagnating, unable to make any further progress and for good reason. If you are to ask some of these individuals how much strength they’ve gained over the past month in a particular lift (such as bench press or squats) they often have no clue. Why is this? – because they don’t bother tracking their workouts.


By taking note of the weight used, sets, and reps achieved for each of the exercises in your routine, each gym session suddenly takes on a whole new purpose. Now you have a mission – to beat your previous self by improving your performance each and every time you step foot in the gym.


By knowing where you’ve been, seeing your progress to date, and envisioning the progress to come; you will typically find yourself more motivated, more serious and overall, more likely to see results!


Chasing a “pump” or aiming to feel sore the next day may be fun, but making quantifiable improvements to your strength and fitness is what at the end of the day is going to have a drastic impact on your overall physique. Want to look like the guy who benches 140kg? Well you’re going to have to over time improve your strength to be able to do the same weight. Strength comes from muscle, and muscle growth is a necessary byproduct of strength. I’m yet to see a guy with ‘chicken legs’ who can squat 200kg. Build strength to build muscle.


Don’t get me wrong though – you’re going to have to pay your dues. Simply forcing a 60kg weakling to risk his joints by lifting weights far too heavy for him with crappy form isn’t going to result in anything positive. Slowly (with good technique), aim to improve your physical abilities week by week over a significant period of time, and watch in awe as your physique slowly changes as well.


Lift smart, and stay safe guys. If you’re at all interested in bodybuilding/power lifting, this is a particular hobby and speciality of mine, so flick me an email and we’ll get you on track a.s.a.p   


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