Hey NovaFit Crew!

Quick heads up. I’m encountering a number of people who have unfortunately been injured by unqualified personal trainers.

Although these individuals are now in safe hands, sometimes the damage caused by these unregistered, unqualified cowboys can be quite long term (or potentially permanent!)

NZ currently requires no standards for anyone to claim to be a fitness professional – so PLEASE be careful who you choose.

I understand that not everyone is going to choose to train with me, however when selecting a PT, please look into the following:

– are they qualified?

– what kind of qualification do they hold (i.e. is their “certification” a simple online course or weekend seminar, or have they actually committed time to study in the field via at least a 6 month certificate, 1 year diploma or 3 year degree)

– do they hold a first aid certificate?

– how long have they been in the industry?

– do they hold any kind of professional registration?

Saving a few bucks off your session costs by going unqualified may seem tempting. But believe me, i’ve heard of everything from an inexperienced PT killing an insulin dependent diabetic by putting them on a Zero Carb diet, to another new entry to the industry blowing out someone’s ACL ligament on their first session with crappy squat technique.

At a microscopic level, exercise can be described as a controlled injury. Which can take years of experience to know how to perfectly and safely deliver in a way which your body will adapt and thrive from. It must be severe enough to promote change, yet not so much as to cause negative health impacts. Why take the “controlled” part from that equation?

When you train with NovaFit you will only ever be served by a trainer who holds at least an Exercise & Sport Science Degree, and multiple years of industry experience.

But if not me, support a safe and professional industry by hiring only those who have proven themselves to be long term, qualified additions to this fantastic industry – not just someone trying to jump on board to make a quick buck at the expense of your safety.

Keep active, and more importantly – keep safe!

Written by NovaFitAdmin

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