Happy 2017! Time to get a head start on achieving your New Years resolutions.

Tired of not achieving your fitness goals? Well NovaFitĀ is ready to offer the support, training and knowledge you need to set yourself up for success this year!


It’s become a cliche for people to set weight loss goals for the coming year, and make it a week or so into the process and quit until the following new years eve discussions.

If simply joining the gym was the answer, then why do people refer to the gym being packed after new years, not all year round?

As an Exercise Physiologist, and fitness fanatic – I will make it my mission to not allow you to fail!

If you haven’t given training with NovaFit a try yet, contact me today via novafit.nz@gmail.com

Or if you’re an existing client of mine, hit me up about strategies we can implement to make 2017 your greatest year!

Here’s an interesting read on top reasons why new years resolutions fail – check it out by clicking the link below


Written by NovaFitAdmin

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