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Why NovaFit?

Expertise in: Fat loss • General health & Fitness • Sport-specific training • Strength & Conditioning!


NovaFit aims to set the benchmark in fitness. With so many alternative trainers around, but very few regulations within the fitness industry, NovaFit provides qualified, certified and experienced training to its clients.


NovaFit is the brainchild of Dave Waugh, a fully qualified Sport & Exercise Scientist who possesses many years of experience within the fitness industry and the realm of transforming people's bodies. Simply put, when you train with NovaFit you take the guesswork out of getting fit!


When you train with NovaFit you are guaranteed to be served by a trainer who has solid industry experience and is R.E.P.S accredited (NZ Register of Exercise Professionals). Even better, for your convenience, we can come to you! Our mobile PT sessions allow you to be trained at your home, or a meeting place of your choice. Or you can choose to come train in our fully equipped home studio.

David Waugh

Owner & Operator: Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science, REPs Registered Trainer!

Hi I'm Dave, I run Novafit.

I am a fully qualified Sport & Exercise Scientist who is ready to help you achieve the fitness results you've always dreamed of! Regardless of whether you are an athlete or a total beginner, I can help you get to where you want to be. Don't settle for unqualified fitness advice any longer. My science-based approach to training is formulated to be adaptable to anyone.

I have a huge passion for fitness, and passing on my knowledge to my clients. My scientifically validated training methods have proven time and time again that they can achieve fantastic results. So if you’re sick and tired of not getting the results you want, I’d love the chance to get you on track with your own fitness journey!


We offer only the best in science-based approaches to Fitness, Weight-loss, and Strength training.

New Clients

30 minute consults - Free.

Our initial consults are a great opportunity to discuss your goals, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. During these catch ups, you will also complete a pre-exercise health screening questionnaire to outline any issues we may need to work around.

These consults are obligation free, and have zero cost.

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Personal Training

40 minute comprehensive 1-on-1 session $45.

Our PT sessions provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn new techniques, receive motivation and be put through an intense workout session scaled exactly to your current abilities and needs. Regardless of what your fitness goal is, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, athletic ability or even simply coming back from an injury, our enjoyable and scientifically validated approach to things will leave you impressed.

Thanks to the mobile nature of NovaFit, sessions can either be performed in our studio or at your own home. NovaFit services Rolleston (Canterbury), as well as parts of the surrounding region. So don’t hesitate to contact us and check the availability of sessions and whether your location is within range of us.

*additional cost may apply for mobile sessions depending on travel distance

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Tailored Workout Plans

Custom Made Workout Plan (to train independently) $40.

Our custom workout plans offer a fantastic option for anyone looking to train independently. Regardless of where you are located in the country these plans give you the chance to have a personalised program created for you by a Sport Scientist, tailored to your goals, time commitments and available equipment.

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of training programming athletes or bodybuilders use to achieve their incredible results, give some serious consideration to purchasing a customised NovaFit Program.

Each custom made plan comprises of:
•One full micro cycle (weekly workout plan)
•Individual workouts for each day of the week
•Details on exercises, sets, reps and technique adjustments

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Your Stories!

Just a handful of wonderful people I get to work with everyday!

“4 dress sizes and 30kg down, cheers NovaFit, your encouragement and expertise has been invaluable”

“Incredibly knowledgeable, I enjoy every session - highly recommended!”

“I can definitely tell the difference now between a personal trainer and a Sport Scientist, I’ve been blown away with the science involved and the results possible from proper training and nutrition”

“I always leave my sessions with a smile on my face, regardless of how intense the workout was”

“Taking what Dave taught me about the science of training, I managed to lose 20kg's in just four months. I still managed to eat in a way that didn't limit my social life or enjoyment of food!”

"I'm finally managing to lose my baby weight thanks to your advice. Thank you Dave - amazing trainer!"

"I managed to lose 20kg for my wedding day, and i'm keeping it off!"

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